Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mommy Websites

Every time we have a free weekend, I look for things that are happening locally to enjoy with our little Benny.
Benny & Mommy
When I’m going to be in the San Fernando Valley or hang out in downtown L.A. with baby, I look for local parks and safe places recommended by other local parents to enjoy with an infant.

Enjoying a nice barbecue lunch in the O.C.
If I need to know about opportunities and activities available for working moms (like conferences or events to bond with baby), I keep my calendar filled-in with stuff to keep track of everything…but, but, but… I would never be THAT socially knowledgeable if it weren’t for a handful of handy dandy Los Angeles mommy websites that I visit routinely to learn about everything and anything available for kids and their parents in Los Angeles & surrounding counties…and you may want to do the same.

With Tia Frenchy at the Oxnard Marina
For example, if we didn’t have a prior engagement two weekends ago, I would have certainly taken Benny to the accordion festival in Orange County. How fun does that sound!? It took a visit to MommyPoppins.com to find out about the accordion festival, though.
These websites I'm referencing are a great resource!! If you check them out, you’ll find everything— from free events for kids in your area to the best places to hold a birthday party and even language schools, new toys and children products, etc., etc. etc.

At his cousin's birthday party

So here’s a rundown of my faves, hope you check them out & find them helpful too!

Mommy Poppins -- This is an amazing website. It features a calendar of events for every single day of the week and my favorite -- 100 things to do in Los Angeles with kids (before they grow up).

LA City Mom -- A blog for parents in Los Angeles written by a fun freelance TV Writer who coins her blog as a project from the 'carpool lane'

Moms LA -- A neatly organized website with recipes, articles and resources for parents in Los Angeles.

Savvy Sassy Moms -- A really cute blog for all things fashionable and fun for moms including, celebrity mommy events, kids style, the latest in techy stuff and gadgets for babies and product reviews.

The 818 -- Can I just tell you how much I love this blog!? It's written by a mommy (Morgan Shanahan) who's an artist and a screenwriter living in the San Fernando Valley (hence the 818 area code). Love her style, her posts and her art collaborations with her daughter.

Taster Tots LA -- Although she hasn't written in a little while, Jessica Ritz is great at finding places to eat in L.A. that are kid-friendly without taking away from the enjoyment of adult fare...

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