Monday, September 9, 2013

Walt Disney World - Animal Kingdom

The day we visited the Animal Kingdom was on the same day we visited EPCoT.  Unfortunately, I didn’t do my research well enough to realize the park closed early so we tried to do as much as possible with the little time we had left (bummer). In order to visit two different parks on the same day, we purchased park hoppers which allow visitors to enter and exit the four Walt Disney World theme parks as they wish.
The Animal Kingdom was once described by someone as a “zoo on steroids”…LOL!

I personally think it’s a beautiful theme park with lush landscapes, creative and well-designed animal habitats and tons of things to do.

Hi little Komodo Dragon!

On this occasion, we decided to go through the Maharajah Jungle Trek and give Benny the opportunity to see real live tigers for the first time.

Benny is so intrigued by animals that he simply loved every step of the trek as we saw bats, peacocks, birds and of course the majestic felines.


Problem was, the rainstorms hit hard while we were here (again) and Paul started hinting it was time to return to the hotel.

But we couldn’t leave Animal Kingdom before getting a picture with Safari Mickey & Minnie! The boys opted out of yet another picture and let me stand in line by myself for this one.

The Animal Kingdom has great thrill rides, an amazing Lion King production, a safari where visitors actually board a jeep and get to see jaguars, elephants and other animals.

This time around we didn’t get to do all of those fun things, given our limited time, rainy day weather and baby on board… but again, we hope to be back one day because this park is truly a spectacle for all to enjoy.

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