Friday, September 6, 2013

Walt Disney World Family Vacation - Magic Kingdom

Never in my childhood was I such a huge Disney fan as I am now as a 32-year old woman (hilarious, I know).

I add myself to the thousands of die-hard Mickey fans that get excited by the simple thought of making yet another trip to the happiest place on earth.

My love for all things Disney has actually rubbed off on my husband too so it was of no surprise that when we started planning a trip to the Dominican Republic a year ago, he suggested we take a detour in Orlando and take our little Benny to the amazing Walt Disney World!

This was not going to be a trip for Benny as much as it would be a trip for us…but we figured we’d organize it in such a way that we’d take advantage of all the activities offered for babies and make it all about him!

So we started off at the Magic Kingdom, where Benny had his first haircut at the Harmony Barbershop, which offers a special ceremony and certificate for baby’s first haircut. They also save a lock of hair and place it in a cutesy little envelope sealed with a Mickey Mouse sticker.

It took an army to get Benny to sit still because my little boy is a little whirlwind of energy constantly looking for the next distraction. So his first haircut turned out looking more like a misadventure of scissors...LOL!

But when they finally finished, Benny looked so darn cute with his little Mickey Ears that my heart practically melted. Baby’s First Haircut at Magic Kingdom’s Harmony Barbershop: $18.00

After the barbershop, we timed it perfectly to sit and watch the Soundsational Mickey Parade, which made Benny smile and giggle a whole lot. Then we took pictures in front of the iconic Cinderella Castle and when we noticed Benny had a soiled diaper, we made our way to the Magic Kingdom’s Baby Center which is an incredibly comfortable place to feed, change diapers, rest, relax and play with baby.

Since we had the stroller with us at all times, we enjoyed the park and among other things, visited the new Fantasyland where I enjoyed exploring Belle’s Village and most importantly, Gaston’s Tavern!

At Gaston’s Tavern, I ordered a most refreshing LeFou’s Brew (named after Gaston’s chubby little sidekick, remember him?) I ordered the drink in a stein. It’s frozen apple juice with a hint of toasted marshmallow, topped with passion fruit mango foam.  I loved it. Paul loved it and Benny loved it. We also loved the Magic Kingdom!

Perfect refreshment for the sizzling Orlando weather

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Unknown said...

so fun! you guys are the cutest parents ever! xo