Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pookie the Dog

Is anyone interested in adopting a cute, chubby, white, little, male Maltese-Poodle (Malti-poo)?
His name is Pookie and he’s the Marquez family dog.
Pookie has been living at my parents’ house in Oxnard for nearly 10 years now.
He was a gift to my youngest sister Frances and a sweet puppy during his early days.
Pookie the Dog
We were crazy about Pookie because growing up, our family had never really owned a dog and finally getting one that was tiny, snuggly and hypo-allergenic was a real treat.

Unfortunately, the dog was entering his teenage years when Frances moved out to San Francisco with my other sister Irene. With Frenchee’s departure, Pookie’s manners, social skills and training went downhill because my parents worked full-time and didn’t have the time and/or energy to train the dog, walk the dog or discipline the dog. So our sweet, beloved pooch quickly became the doggy from hell.

Pookie is entering his golden years now and is officially a stubborn, rude, messy and condescending little canine (Cesar Milan…we need's urgent!!!). He has practically destroyed couches, tables, chairs, area rugs and pretty much acts like he owns the house.

My mom grabs the pooch to stop him from running after guests
He bites people (has even made some relatives vow to never return to the house), growls at guests and barks whenever he presumes someone is leaving the house. He refuses to sleep outside, he poops and urinates all over the house, he is overweight and now that we have Baby Benny, his rebellion has become worse. Ironically though, he seems to be endeared by the little guy.
Tia Frenchee and Benny greet Pookie
But even with all the horror stories and endless conversations about how he has driven my mom to infinite exhaustion since she’s ultimately the one in charge of repetitive floor cleaning, disinfecting and mopping, we dare not think about putting our dear Pookie to sleep. Never!

None of us are able or willing to bring him to our home but we do love him and we don’t ever want him to get hurt. Pookie has become a fixture at the family house and as much as we cannot stand the little dog, we care about him so, so very much… He has been with us to share so many happy and sad family moments, including my wedding, the passing of my dear grandmother, Mama Lala (who loved Pookie so much), birthdays, graduations, he has sat by our side when we're sick and has indirectly protected the house by going on a barking rampage when somebody approaches the front door!

My dad may be upset over the dog's antics but he loves him!

So with that said, my parents are willing to give him away but that would actually require a rigorous interview and eligibility process. With as much of a nightmare as he has become, in order for us to give him away, we would have to know and trust that his new owner would love him unconditionally and treat him with dignity and respect always-- regardless of his bad habits.  We would have to ensure that his new home would offer comfortable doggie pillows and beds with a blanket and plenty of doggie toys. We would also require that the new owner allow him to continue being an indoor dog, have him covered under pet insurance, feed and bathe him regularly and never discipline him with even a slither of violence.
Pookie stares at a dirty ol' live crab from the Oxnard beach

In other words, nobody will be selected...LOL!!! It is known and obvious that my parents will be the only people in the world willing and able to deal with Pookie's personality until his last days, which actually brings me a type of invaluable comfort and satisfaction that could never be felt even if he was adopted by the dog whisperer himself. Love you little Pookie Dog…Ruff!

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