Monday, November 14, 2016

A Wonderful Baptism to End a Crazy Week

My husband Paul and I were honored to be the godparents of a sweet baby boy over the weekend.

The days following the presidential election were quite hard for our family. And it had nothing to do with a stubborn reaction to preferring one political party over another.
I tend to keep my political and religious beliefs to myself in order to avoid controversy and because my government job highly encourages neutrality.
Still, my husband and I had lengthy discussions at home about ways to promote love and tolerance of all cultures and respect for all religions in raising our boys, following the election.
By the time Saturday came around, we were feeling a new sense of hope, especially because it was the day we'd be baptizing little Ricky, whose dad is one of Paul's best friends (and whose mom is one of my favorite girlfriends).

The baptism was perfect. Baby Ricky didn't cry as they poured the holy water on his forehead. He simply blinked slowly... I got emotional and almost cried! It was such a sweet moment.

Ricky with his nino Paul

Later at the Garcia home, we celebrated with tacos, drinks and sweets. Connie, who is Ricky's mom decorated their backyard beautifully with fresh flowers and hanging crowns.
It was such a great way to end an otherwise gloomy week!

Flowers by: Connie Garcia Florals

Babies give me so much inspiration to stay positive and offer the best of me.  This baptism was a great reminder to always aim at instilling in the younger generations a sense of compassion,  kindness toward all people, a deep faith in God and a great love of country, regardless of who's in power.

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