Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Thanksgiving turkey legs for dessert!

Here's a sweet turkey-themed treat to follow your turkey dinner!

When I first saw these on the Hallmark channel, I knew I had to recreate them! They are too darn adorable but the host on the television channel made them really large. I wanted to try a mini version and here they are...

Ingredients: butter, rice cereal, mini pretzel sticks, white candy melts & marshmallows

Directions: 1. Start by making your favorite rice crispy treat recipe. I melted butter, marshmallows and added the rice cereal

2. Dip the pretzel stick in the melted candy and stick two small pieces of marshmallow on each side.
3. This is what it should look like to create a drumstick bone effect.

When the rice cereal dessert is done, make small balls and mold them to look like ovals:

You place the rice cereal treat ovals over the candy covered pretzel sticks and dessert is served!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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