Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Perfect Car Seat for Toby!

New in 2016: Britax presents the Advocate Clicktight, a state-of-the-art addition to its' collection of highly rated & dependable car seats

A few weekends ago, my husband Paul and I had the honor of becoming little Ricky's godparents (story here).
The baptism mass was held at 10am about an hour away from home, in Long Beach, CA. 

Paul and I knew from the get go that we'd have a very busy morning so we split up parental responsibilities in order to make it to the mass on time. 
My tasks were to bathe and dress the boys and get them seated and buckled up for the road trip to Long Beach.

Paul would pick up his suit at the dry cleaners, make breakfast and pack the diaper bag.
Well, I impressed myself because I was able to get everything done, including my own hair and make-up, without Paul reminding me that I "take too long"! We arrived at the church with plenty of time before the baptism mass started.

My fast & efficient morning performance (lol) was due in part to the ease of installing our new car seat, the Britax Advocate Clicktight with Anti-Rebound Bar. I first learned about it here.

It's a big car seat. It's a bit heavy too but it's incredibly easy to install. Once you have it secured in place, this seat does not move. Period. It's also very comfortable. I say this because Toby has fallen asleep every time we've buckled him in (something that didn't quite happen with his old car seat).

Other cool things about the Advocate ClickTight:
3 layers of side impact protection, an impact-absorbing base, steel frame, and an anti-rebound bar for maximum safety.
  • The Anti-Rebound Bar (ARB) minimizes forces associated with crashes by stabilizing the car seat when installed rear-facing.
  • Rest assured your child’s harness is within range of proper tightness thanks to the Click & Safe Snug Harness Indicator.
  • Premium padding and fabrics wrap your child in comfort.
- See more at:
* It offers 3 layers of side impact protection
* The Anti-Rebound Bar (ARB) minimizes forces associated with crashes by stabilizing the car when installed rear-facing. 
* It has an impact absorbing base which compresses to reduce the rough force of a collision
* Features a 7-position recline which makes for easy angle adjustment
* Proudly engineered, tested and made in the USA

Need I say more? Well, there is plenty more to be said about this car seat! You can read all about it & watch demo videos on the Britax Website.
The Britax Advocate ClicktTight retails for about $439 and it's worth every single penny. 
I'm just thrilled to own this super sturdy and reliable car seat that can be installed so easily. So proud to have my Toby finally enjoy the comfort and ease of a Britax product, just like big brother Benny did.
By the way, the trips to and from the baptism and proceeding reception were very smooth. Conclusion: a comfy car seat means a happy baby.  A safe and sturdy car seat means happy parents. And when baby and parents are happy inside the car, we've reached success. 

Britax ClickTight Knowledge Center

User guides & Instructional Videos

Thank you, Britax!

*This is a sponsored post. I received a Britax ClickTight Advocate Car Seat in exchange for a review on this blog.

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