Monday, March 31, 2014

Real Life Disney Look-Alikes

Something about real people looking like Disney Characters always intrigues.
Los Angeles Magazine once ran a story about a guy who worked at Disneyland as Captain Jack Sparrow. This guy was fired from the theme park and went on an anti-Disney tirade but what caught my attention was the part of the interview where he told the magazine some pretty crazy stories of how women went wild over him while he was in character!
I guess it was the Johnny Depp appeal but in general, there's always interest in people who look like famous movie characters.
Every so often, publications release photo galleries of real Disney look-alikes and I couldn't help but gather my own top 10 from around the web and do the same for my blog.
Of course, I did a bit of research on each individual, and though there were some I simply couldn't locate, here's a bit of information on most of these famous-looking individuals:

1. As Captain Jack Sparrow -- Simon Newton. Canadian English actor who has actually acted as Johnny Depp's double in real movie scenes due to his striking resemblance. He travels all over the world to perform as the famous swashbuckling pirate...and does a darn good job too. (Update: Totally stoked that Simon read this entry and commented below...he corrected me on his country of origin).

 2. As Pocahontas -- Sherri Lansang. Philippino Model from Long Beach,CA. Sherri is a model who also happens to be a registered nurse. A social media site indicates she lives in Las Vegas and also works as a VIP host for a fancy nightclub inside the Bellagio Hotel & Casino

3./4. Mr Fredricksen and Russell from Up -- I couldn't find information on either of the Up Movie superstars. There's a Facebook page for the little boy but it seems to be a fan page because it doesn't provide a name, city or any other detail on the little cutie. As far as Mr. Fredricksen, I came up with nothing at all. I did find, however, that this picture might have been enhanced to make the man's nose a bit wider.

5. As Ariel from The Little Mermaid-- Traci Hines. This young woman from Orange County, CA is hugely popular mainly due to her own efforts of imitating the real life mermaid princess. She is a singer/songwriter and has a website ( with thousands of visitors and a music video rendition of Ariel's "Part of Your World" (You've got to check it out!). She also has a clothing line called Adorkable with Mermaid-themed clothing.

6. As Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid--Leo Camacho. A Southern California artist, Leo can be seen in Traci Hines' Music video playing, well, Prince Eric. Leo has his own artist website and Youtube Channel and has quite a following!

7. As Buzz Lightyear--It's a 3D Image. Unbelieveable, I know... This real-looking Buzz is a computer-generated 3D image created by Brazilian graphic artist Raoni Nery. Nery explains that he created this digital image of a what he believes a real Buzz Lightyear would have to look like. I'm sure there's a guy somewhere out there that looks like this...

8. As Jessica Rabbit -- Courtney Elyse Black. Courtney was one of several women photographed by Ryan Astimendi in a Disney Princess themed photo shoot. Isn't she stunning? She's a model and music video vixen.

9. As Alfredo Linguini from Ratatouille-- Unknown! If anyone knows the name of this young man, I'd like to know to give him proper credit. I spent quite a while trying to get a name, a nationality, background, something! But I wasn't successful.

10. As Princess Jasmine from Aladdin-- Kim Kardashian! Despite the controversies and reality TV show drama, I think Kim K. is a gorgeous Princess Jasmine look-alike. The skin tone, the hair, the pretty almond eyes and curves...she's the best physical representation of the Arabian princess, I think.

Have a great week!


Unknown said...

Funny, I met #6! He's a nice guy.

Simon Newton: Jack Sparrow Lookalike said...

Thanks for the mention :)

I'm English, not Canadian though!

Anabel Marquez said...

No, thank YOU for reading my blog! I've made the correction :). Any scheduled gigs in California anytime soon?

Spencer Smith said...

I guess I didn't feature :( lol